Build your brand lifestyle simply refers to the fact that you want to become a creator on the internet instead of a consumer, and avoid settling for a “normal” life where you exchange time for money. It means you want to build a lifestyle around your interests, skillsets, and/or personal brand, while helping others similar to you. To put it simply, there has NEVER been a better time in human history to reverse engineer a lifestyle you desire, and it all begins with the most important agent of change in the modern world, the smartphone. If you want to start building a dream lifestyle where you have financial, time, and locational freedom, there is no better time to start than NOW.

Aaron Patton (@aaronbpatton) is a millennial podcast host, poker player, and risk taker. Since quitting his software sales day job Aaron has been diving head first into the world of social media and branding. Feel free to reach out anytime through the contact form or direct message on social media.


BEHIND THE SCREEN conversations with social media influencers, celebrities, content creators, community builders, and entrepreneurs.

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